Tips and Tricks

Accessing inline help

Accessing Inline Help

In this brand new addition to our Tips and Tricks, we take a look at our Inline Help, a fantastic tool for those learning the ropes, to help them learn what different tools are and how they operate. In this short tutorial, we show where to look to master the tools you're using, saving...

Accessing notes

Accessing Notes

Notes are a useful option that you can add to your projects to act as a reminder for yourself, or if you're sharing the project with colleagues or different parts of your business. You can also add notes to tools within the tool database, but tool notes such as these are only applicable to...

Machining to a relief boundary

Machining a Relief to a Boundary

In this tutorial, we take you through how to machine your relief, whilst giving yourself the perfect boundary to your design. If you're having trouble with the borders of your design, whether your machine isn't smoothing out your edges or if your machine is carving out the wrong parts, then this newest addition to...