Deactivate Licence

The tools and features shown in this tutorial are available in all Carveco products:

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Deactivate Licence

If you’re looking to change computers or use your Carveco software on additional computers, you may need to ‘free-up’ a licence by deactivating one of your installations. Thankfully, Carveco lets you deactivate a licence allocation at the touch of a button; easily removing a license of Carveco from the computer on which you perform the deactivation.

This is a necessary step in the following use cases:

  • To process a refund.
  • To upgrade/downgrade to a different Carveco product.
  • To free up a license allocation, in order to install a Carveco product on an additional PC.

The process is quite simple, but as this involves communication with our licensing server – please ensure that your computer is connected to the internet before proceeding.

  1. Open your Carveco software.
  2. Click on the ‘Help‘ > ‘About Carveco‘ item from the main menu of your software to display the ‘About‘ box.
  3. Under your personal license information, click the ‘Deactivate‘  button.

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