Toolpaths and Machining

2D Rotary Machining in Carveco Maker

2D Rotary Machining

This tutorial will explore the fundamentals of rotary machining. We'll be working with vectors and leveraging familiar 2D toolpath operations found in Carveco Maker, to help you seamlessly transition into the world of rotary CNC machining.



The Profiling Toolpath allows you to essentially Cut-Out or cut around a specified vector. You can use the profile toolpath to machine inside, outside, or along the boundary of selected vector and is ideal for cutting out letters and shapes from a material block.


Creating Bridges

Bridges or tabs, are small areas of material designed to hold your work in place while performing cut-out operations on a profiling toolpath. Carveco allows you to automatically add bridges or lets you manually control the number, placement, length and thickness of any bridges you wish to add. You can also edit the bridges you...