Problems Displaying Videos?

We utilize YouTube for hosting our training videos and embed them into the pages of this website. If you encounter issues displaying these embedded videos, please consider the following steps:

  1. Access using a different web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari etc).
  2. Access on a different device or computer.

If display problems persist across various devices and browsers, it may indicate a more widespread problem. Below are some common issues that may impact the display of embedded YouTube videos on this website.

Browser Privacy Settings

Some browsers have in-built privacy settings that can block embedded content displaying on websites. Ensure that your browser privacy settings allow the loading of external content, specifically from YouTube.

Network Restrictions

It's common practice for schools. colleges and/or some workplaces to limit access to YouTube, so check if there are any network restrictions or firewalls blocking access to YouTube or its servers.

Try accessing from a different network (such as your home, office, local coffee shop WIFI etc) to see if this solves the problem.

Cookie Settings

Check if restrictive cookie settings are affecting the loading of YouTube content. Cookies may be required for certain functionalities, and if they are blocked, it can impact video display.

Ad Blockers and Browser Extensions:

Even if users have disabled ad blockers and extensions, there might be server-level ad-blocking or security measures in place. Review server configurations for any blocking mechanisms.

Browser Updates

Ensure that users are using up-to-date versions of their browsers. Older browser versions may have compatibility issues with newer embed codes or security protocols.