Accessing inline help

Accessing Inline Help

In this brand new addition to our Tips and Tricks, we take a look at our Inline Help, a fantastic tool for those learning the ropes, to help them learn what different tools are and how they operate. In this short tutorial, we show where to look to master the tools you're using, saving you...

Accessing notes

Accessing Notes

Notes are a useful option that you can add to your projects to act as a reminder for yourself, or if you're sharing the project with colleagues or different parts of your business. You can also add notes to tools within the tool database, but tool notes such as these are only applicable to your...

Backing up the tool database

Backing Up The Tool Database

We recommend everyone saves copies of their work and their toolpaths, as otherwise if your file is corrupted, lost or accidentally deleted, you have a back-up to go to. With this handy tutorial, we prevent you from losing all your saved tools so far, saving you time in inputting them all over again if they're...



The Profiling Toolpath allows you to essentially Cut-Out or cut around a specified vector. You can use the profile toolpath to machine inside, outside, or along the boundary of selected vector and is ideal for cutting out letters and shapes from a material block.